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Welcome to SSWR 2021 Post-Conference Virtual Events!

It has long been a goal of SSWR to offer meaningful programming to the membership throughout the year. Throughout 2021, a range of post-conference events will be organized by SSWR and available to all SSWR 2021 virtual conference registrants. These sessions will be weekly from February to May and from August to November. They will include abstract-based workshops, special interest group (SIG) meetings, and poster forums organized by cluster. See the post-conference events schedule below.

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Access to Post-Conference Virtual Events

Access to the post-conference events is available to 2021 virtual conference registrants only. Note your registration includes:

  • unlimited access to all of the live, Zoom post-conference virtual events, e.g., abstract-based workshops, special interest group (SIGs) meetings, and poster forums; all pre-conference events will be recorded and available through December 31, 2021.
  • full access to all of recordings of the live-streamed, plenaries, invited symposia, fellows and awards presentations, membership business meeting; concurrent abstract-based presentation sessions and supplemental materials, and poster gallery presentations; all recordings and poster gallery presentations are available through December 31, 2021.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Please note that due to NASW policy, CEUs are not offered for the post-conference events.

Post-Conference Virtual Events Schedule, as of 2/15/2021

NOTE: additional sessions will be added to this schedule on a weekly basis. Click here to see UPCOMING EVENTS.

All post-conference virtual events will be video recorded and will be available to registrants approximately 1 week post presentation.

Schedule (Eastern) Format Session Title
2/11/21, 2pm-3:30pm Workshop PCE-2: Analyzing Zero-Inflated and Skewed Outcome Variable with an Inverse-Normal Transformation: Taking the Covid-19 Data As an Example
2/11/21, 3pm-4pm Poster Forum PCE-3: Inequality, Poverty, and Social Welfare Policy (IP&SWP) Cluster
2/15/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-4: Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research
2/16/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-5: Early Phase or First-Episode Psychosis
2/16/21, 3pm-4pm Poster Forum PCE-6: Immigrants and Refugees (I&R) Cluster
2/17/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-7: Social Justice in Social Work Education, Research and Practice
2/18/21, 3pm-4pm Poster Forum PCE-8: Military Service Members, Veterans and Their Families (MSVF) Cluster
2/19/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-9: Psychiatric Medications
2/22/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-1: Integrated Care SIG
2/22/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-10: Disability
2/23/21, 3pm-4pm Poster Forum PCE-11: Poster Forum: Crime and Criminal Justice (C&CJ) Cluster
2/24/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-12: Immigration and Refugee Studies SIG
2/25/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-26: Youth Participatory Research and Practice SIG
2/25/21, 2pm-3:30pm Workshop PCE-13: Appreciative Inquiry: An Approach to Participatory Action Research for Building and Strengthening Rural Communities
2/25/21, 2pm-3:30pm Workshop PCE-14: Teaching Students Clinical Practice Virtually: Re-Visiting Social Work Competence in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
3/1/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-15: Community and Neighborhood Research
3/2/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-16: COVID-19 Health Status Among the US Adult Population
3/2/21, 2pm-3:30pm Workshop PCE-17: Addressing Diversity and Student Engagement in Online Learning: Lessons Learned from Recent Pandemic
3/2/21, 3pm-4pm CORRECTED DATE Poster Forum PCE-18: Poster Forum: Sustainable Development, Urbanization, and Environmental Justice (SDU&E)
3/3/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-19: Qualitative Social Work Research
3/3/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-20: Financial Capability and Asset Building
3/4/21, 3pm-4pm Poster Forum PCE-21: Poster Forum: Aging Services and Gerontology (A&G)
3/4/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-22: Coalition for the Promotion of Behavioral Health (Grand Challenge)
3/4/21, 3pm-4pm Poster Forum PCE-23: Poster Forum: Asian and Asian-Pacific Islander-Focused Research (AAPIFR)
3/5/21, 1pm-2pm SIG Meeting PCE-24: Youth and Young Adult Homelessness
3/5/21, 2pm-3:30pm Workshop PCE-25: Transparent Social Work Research: Planning for Ethical and Legal Data Sharing

You must be a 2021 virtual conference registrant to access the site.

Format Descriptions

Special Interest Group Meetings, 60 minutes, live

The Society for Social Work and Research special interest groups (SIGs) facilitate networking opportunities for conference attendees to discuss in greater depth a specific social work research, policy or practice.

Abstract-based Workshops, 90 minutes, live

As per the call for papers (, workshop sessions should:

  • offer training opportunities for methodology (study design, sampling, data collection, measurement, and analysis) and describe the pedagogical techniques,
  • add to the current knowledge base in social work practice, policy, theory, and research methodology, and,
  • offer clear meaningful implications for social work research, policy and practice.

Poster Forums, 60 minutes, live

The purpose of the poster forums is to provide an opportunity for conference registrants and poster presenters to discuss the poster presentations related to a specific cluster/topic. All accepted poster presenters submitted their poster presentations so that they could be displayed in the Poster Gallery on the virtual conference platform. Poster presentations are either a PDF presentation or a Power Point in which the presenter is describing their research verbally. 587 presentations are available on the Poster Gallery and are accessible to all conference registrants through December 31, 2021. There are 28 poster forums, one poster forum for each cluster. Cluster co-chairs will help facilitate the discussion during the 60 minute, live, Zoom meeting. See list of clusters here.

How to Join the Zoom Sessions

All sessions are held on Zoom. If you registered for the 2021 virtual conference, look for the access email sent on Friday, February 5, 2021, from with the link and login instructions to the 2021 virtual conference site. If you did not receive your access email, please email

If you don’t already use Zoom, you must first download Zoom on your devise to access and join the virtual sessions. To sign up for a free Zoom account, click below to get started.

Here are the steps to access the post-conference sessions:

  1. Logon to the 2021 virtual site.
  2. Go to Post-Conference Events tab.
  3. Find the session that are you interested in.
  4. Click on the session title.
  5. Click on “Join Session Room.

Upcoming Post-Conference Virtual Events

(note: these sessions are being scheduled. Once scheduled, they will appear in the Post-Conference Virtual Events schedule above.)

Session Title Format
“They’re Comfortable Disrespecting Us”: Utilizing a Case Study of Black Student Experiences to Outline Opportunities for Research on Social Work Education Abstract-based Workshops
A Critical Interpretive Synthesis Workshop: Methods to Deeply Examine Multiple Qualitative Studies Abstract-based Workshops
A Review of Passive Program Evaluation Tools on Campus: From Paper Surveys to Touchscreens Abstract-based Workshops
Abolitionist and Liberatory Frameworks for Social Work Special Interest Groups
Abolitionist Social Work Special Interest Groups
Addictive Behaviors and Substance Misuse SIG Special Interest Groups
Adolescent and Youth Development (ADOL) Poster Forums
Advance Long and Productive Lives (Grand Challenge) Special Interest Groups
Advanced Illness, Palliative and End of Life Care Special Interest Groups
American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Global Indigenous Populations (Indigenous Cluster) Poster Forums
An Ecosocial Work Perspective for Climate Justice: Degrowth Tools for Research, Practice, Education, and Policy for Creating a “New Normal” Abstract-based Workshops
An Introduction to Effective Social Media Recruitment: Methodological and Ethical Considerations from a Study of LGBTQ+ Youth Abstract-based Workshops
Anthropology and Social Work Special Interest Groups
Associate Deans for Research Special Interest Groups
Black and African Diaspora Focused-Research (APIR) Poster Forums
Building Healthy Relationships to End Violence (Grand Challenge) Special Interest Groups
Child Welfare (CW) Poster Forums
Special Interest Groups
Communities and Neighborhoods (C&N) Poster Forums
Community-Based Is Not Necessarily Community-Engaged: A Workshop Linking Concepts, Methods, and Strategies Along a Participatory Continuum Abstract-based Workshops
Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment (Grand Challenge) Special Interest Groups
Criminal and Juvenile Justice Special Interest Groups
Critical Feminisms Special Interest Groups
Data Science Special Interest Groups
Developing Advocacy Skills to Translate Social Work Science into Policy Solutions Abstract-based Workshops
Disability (D) Poster Forums
Disaster Research Special Interest Groups
Emerging Trends & Best Practices in Social Work Research with Muslim Youth Abstract-based Workshops
Enhancing Student Competence in the Assessment of Mental Health, Addiction and Suicide Risk: An Integrated, Multi-Modal Approach Using Online Educational Modules and Simulation-Based Learning Abstract-based Workshops
Eradicate Social Isolation: Grand Challenge Special Interest Groups
Ethical Issues in the Study of Labor Exploitation and Health in Low Resource Countries Abstract-based Workshops
Father Related Research Special Interest Groups
Foster Care and Higher Education SIG Special Interest Groups
Gender (G) Poster Forums
Global Social Work Special Interest Groups
Grand Challenge to End Homelessness Special Interest Groups
Harmonizing Longitudinal and Survival Data in Child Welfare Research Using a Joint Modeling Framework: An Efficient Approach to Assessing Social Interventions Abstract-based Workshops
Health (H) Poster Forums
Implementation Research Special Interest Groups
Implementing Breakthrough Series Collaboratives to Tackle Complex Problems in Organizations and Systems Abstract-based Workshops
International Social Work & Global Issues (ISW&GI) Poster Forums
Introducing a Theoretical Approach That Promotes Ethical and Effective Cross-Cultural Practice Abstract-based Workshops
Justice-Involved Youth and Young Adults (JIYYA) Special Interest Groups
Kinship Care in the Time of COVID-19 Special Interest Groups
Korean American Social Work Educators Association Special Interest Groups
LatinX Focused-Research (LR) Poster Forums
Maternal and Infant Mental Health Special Interest Groups
Measuring Stakeholder Preferences for Social Change: The Discrete Choice Experiment Abstract-based Workshops
Mental Health Special Interest Groups
Mental Health (MH) Poster Forums
Minoritized Behavioral Health Research Special Interest Groups
Mixed Methods Research Special Interest Groups
National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect: Using Linked Administrative Data to Study Child Welfare Abstract-based Workshops
National Institute of Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research Funding Opportunities Abstract-based Workshops
Oncology Special Interest Groups
Organizations & Management (O&M) Poster Forums
Organizations and Management Special Interest Groups
Pedagogy for Liberation in International Social Work: Power, Privilege and Oppression Abstract-based Workshops
Policy Research & Social Work Special Interest Groups
Power and Values Mapping for Participatory Action Research (PAR) Teams Abstract-based Workshops
Predictive Analytics: An Emerging Methodology for Supporting Social Work Decision Making Abstract-based Workshops
Race and Ethnicity (R&E) Poster Forums
Reduce Extreme Economic Inequality Special Interest Groups
Research Design and Measurement (RD&M) Poster Forums
Research on Social Work Education (RSWE) Poster Forums
Research with Latinx Communities Special Interest Groups
Resilience and Strengths-Based Research SIG Special Interest Groups
Results from Statewide Initiative to Develop Workforce Resiliency, Positive Culture/Climate, and Reduce STS Abstract-based Workshops
Reviewing Manuscripts for Professional Journals: Building Skills to Support Your Scholarship Abstract-based Workshops
Rural Behavioral Health Special Interest Groups
School Social Work (SSW) Poster Forums
School Social Work and School-Based Research Special Interest Groups
Setting the Scene: The Power of Descriptive Analysis and Data Visualization in Influencing Practice and Policy Abstract-based Workshops
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO&GI) Poster Forums
Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Special Interest Groups
Social Work and Reproductive Justice Special Interest Groups
Social Work and Research with Muslims SIG Special Interest Groups
Social Work Practice (SWP) Poster Forums
Social Work Supervision and Workforce Development Special Interest Groups
South Asia & Social Work Research Special Interest Groups
Statistical Methods for Modeling Change over Time Abstract-based Workshops
Strengths and Challenges of the Opioid Crisis in Rural Deep East Texas: Opioid Data Collection Abstract-based Workshops
Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviors (SM&AB) Poster Forums
Suicide Prevention in Social Work Special Interest Groups
Suicide Research, Prevention, and Intervention Special Interest Groups
Abstract-based Workshops
The Science of Social Justice Education: A Model for Moving Social Justice from an Abstraction into Real World Social Work Practice, Policy, and Research Abstract-based Workshops
The Space for Uprooting Whiteness Abstract-based Workshops
Training in Innovative Technology, Implementation Science Strategies, Mixed Methods: A National Program Evaluation of Advance Care Planning Via Group Visits in the Department of Veterans Affairs Abstract-based Workshops
Using R to Create Reproducible Graphics to Visually Analysis Data Abstract-based Workshops
Using Rstudio to Conduct Multilevel Modeling in Community-Based Research Abstract-based Workshops
Utilizing Creative and Collaborative Evaluation to Guide Program Implementation on College Campuses: A Case Study Abstract-based Workshops
Violence Against Women and Children Special Interest Groups
Violence against Women and Children (VAWC) Poster Forums
Work and Work-Life Policies and Programs Special Interest Groups
Work and Work-Life Policies and Programs (WWLP&P) Poster Forums

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