We look forward to your participation in the SSWR 2022 Annual Conference on January 12-16, 2022. As you know, there are two ways for poster presenters to participate this year: in-person or virtually.

Poster Development and Submission Instructions

You can find all the relevant and necessary information at the following community sites. By visiting your community site, you can find poster templates, formatting guidelines, in-person/virtual instructions, and additional technical support.

In-Person Presenters: Poster presenters who are attending in-person will also present live during the conference poster session.

Virtual Presenters: Since virtual poster presenters will not be able to present live, they will have the opportunity to upload a video presentation that includes an audio voiceover or video feed of them presenting.

Poster Submission Deadlines

All presenters: All poster presenters will submit their presentation ahead of time for inclusion in the online Poster Gallery.

  • Option 1. Submit poster by December 17, 2021. Posters submitted by this date will be posted on the Poster Gallery starting January 12, 2022 (first day of the conference)
  • Option 2. Submit poster by January 3, 2022. Posters submitted by this date will be posted on the Poster Gallery starting January 17, 2022 (the day after the conference)

Technical Webinars

We encourage you to attend a technical webinar that will give an overview of all important information.

Technical Webinar for In-Person Presenters: Friday, December 3, 2021 at 2pm EST, Register here

Technical Webinar for Virtual Presenters: Thursday, December 2, 2021 at EST, Register here

Please review your specific community site and sign up for your technical webinar. You can contact us via the live chat or technical support portion of the community site.