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  USA and International Members: $175, ONE YEAR, January 1-December 31
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(Full-time students in bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs in social work or social welfare)
  USA and International Members: $50, ONE YEAR, January 1-December 31
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(Open to individuals that are not otherwise eligible for Full or Student membership)
  USA and International Members: $175, ONE YEAR, January 1-December 31
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(Open to individuals who have been continuous members of the Society for at least five years and are retired from their primary place of employment, and who make a written request to the Society for Emeritus status)
  USA and International Members: $50, ONE YEAR, January 1-December 31
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Current research topics of interest (check all that apply)
Adolescent Delinquency
Adolescent Health and Mental Health
Adolescent Substance Abuse
Adolescent Violence
African Americans
Alcohol Abuse
Child Welfare
Criminal Justice System
Cultural Competence
Domestic Violence
Drug Use/Abuse
Early Childhood/Infancy
End-of-Life/Palliative Care
Ethical Issues
Ethnic Minority Groups
Evidence-Based Practice
Foster Care
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT)
Gender Issues
Health and Illness (Cancer, Diabetes, et al.)
Homelessness and Housing
International Social Work
Intervention Research
Low-wage Jobs and Vulnerable Workers
Management and Administration
Mental Health Treatment and Services
Organizational Theory and Practice
Parenting and Families
Serious Mental Illness
Social Policy
Social Work Education
Social Work Practice
Social Work Research and Scholarship
Violence in Communities
Welfare Reform
Women's Issues
Work and Family Issues and Policies
Other (check off and type in text box)
Current Research Methods/Types (check all that apply)
Qualitative Methods-Grounded Theory
Qualitative Methods-Ethnography
Qualitative Methods-Case Study
Qualitative Methods-Narrative
Qualitative Methods-Phenomenological
Mixed Methods (qualitative-quantitative)
Systematic Review (e.g., meta-analysis)
Pilot Study
Program Evaluation
Longitudinal Design
Time Series (includes single-system design)
Psychometric/Instrumentation study
Ecological Analysis (e.g., GIS/mapping)
Advanced Statistical Analysis (HLM, SEM, etc.)
Other (check off and type in text box)
Not applicable
Current Sources of Funding for Research in Which You are Principal or Co-Principal Investigator (please check all that apply and list in the box below, e.g., name of foundation, government, or other funding entity)
Federal Agency
State Agency
Local Government Agency
Other Private Source
Own Agency
Not applicable
Are you a member in other Social Work-related organizations?

NASW (National Association of Social Workers)
CSWE (Council on Social Work Education)
NADD (National Association of Deans and Directors)
BPD (Baccalaureate Program Directors)
GADE (Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education)
Other (please specify)
Not applicable
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SSWR Anti-Harassment Policy and Code of Ethics and Procedures for Review of Member Conduct:
SSWR’s anti-harassment policy and code of ethics and procedures for review of member conduct is available at here.

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