The SSWR Research Capacity Development Committee (RCDC) was created in 2017 to build research capacity across the career lifespan of social work scholars. The objectives of the RCDC include, but are not limited to: 1.) Increase research knowledge and skills of early-career scholars by increasing training opportunities, collaboration/team science, dissemination, and grant writing; 2.) Increase career development supports for mid-career and senior scholars; 3.) Increase the capacity of mentors of doctoral students and early career scholars.

SSWR-GADE Job Market Webinar Series – Part 1 – Winding Pathways to the Tenure Track – July 30, 2020
This webinar features information about the academic job market, including preparing application materials, interviewing, and negotiating. The webinar will feature four panelists who will share their tips for success on the academic job market in both tenure track positions and other positions that can be later leveraged to obtain tenure track positions. Panelists will discuss how they positioned themselves to successfully move from positions such as postdoctoral fellowships and research scientist positions to the tenure track.

SSWR-GADE Job Market Webinar Series – Part 2 – Making A Difference – August 20, 2020
This webinar features information on positions beyond the tenure track, including how to prepare for and maximize social work research skills in a range of positions. The webinar features four panelists who share their experiences in positions such as policy research associates, research institute directors, writers, and research professors. Panelists discuss how they employ their social work research skills beyond traditional tenure track positions to make an impact.

SSWR Navigating the Path to Full Professor – February 10, 2021
This webinar features a discussion on navigating the path to becoming a full professor in the academy.  The path to full professor is seldom straightforward. This uncertain path is even more difficult for women and minorities. Further, fewer resources are available for mid-career scholars that offer clarity on the process to the top faculty rank. This webinar features an expert panel and provides resources on how mid-career scholars can harness individual and institutional power to navigate the path to full professor.

Impact of COVID 19 and State Violence on Tenure and Promotion – May 27, 2021
As the higher education community responds to the COVID19 pandemic, we are more fully discerning the long-term impact of COVID-19 induced disruptions on academic careers and trajectories. COVID-19 is particularly exacerbating productivity and leadership opportunities and, thus, tenure and promotion processes for women and faculty of color, which have been historically inequitable in the first place. In addition to the growing demands of multiple roles and responsibilities in personal and professional lives intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, the alarming rise in racism, xenophobia, and state violence perpetuated against racial and ethnic minoritized populations carry distinctive detrimental impact on faculty of color. While many institutions are modifying their faculty review processes, including tenure timeline adjustments, broadening productivity measures, and shifting academic achievement priorities, significant questions remain about navigating tenure and promotion processes during the COVID-19 era. SSWR is responding to this crucial issue facing our membership by bringing an expert panel of social work academics to discuss the impact of COVID-19 and state violence on tenure and promotion.